Indieweb Hosting - Frequently Asked Questions

Indieweb Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

Why be part of the IndieWeb ?

What is the IndieWeb ?

Known or Wordpress ?

You can choose either Known or Wordpress web applications.

Known is a simpler application.
Accessed entirely through a web browser.

Wordpress is a more expandable application , more plugins and themes available.
You can use a web browser or native app on mobile devices.

Still unsure , contact me with your requirements and I'll help you decide.

Domain Names

You can either register and manage the domain name yourself or let me handle it.
We use ClouDNS
All mail sent to your domain name can be forwarded to your email address.


Please contact me at the Support mail address.
Follow us on Twitter


Hosting your site costs 3.50 Euros per month , this does not include the domain name.


All sites are backed up every night , this includes uploaded photos , etc.
The databases are backed up every hour.
These backups are sent to an offsite server.
If you would like a backup too then just ask.


If you would like to move your site to another hosting provider then please contact me.
We can send you a backup containing your files and the latest database.
We'll even help you setup the new hosting if required.


Your site can be Public, Community or Private.

In addition your site can have geo-blocking enabled, this way you can limit your visitors to a specific country.


Two Factor Authentication can and should be enabled on your site.

Free Gifts

To help you make more efficient use of the open web we also include two free gifts as part of the hosting package.

  1. - a wonderful News Aggregator service.
  2. - a great read-it-later service.

Both have slick web sites and handy mobile apps.

We love Open Source
We value Privacy

Last Updated : 2018-03-25